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Lived Experience Expert Panel (LEEP)

Date of publication: February 18 2021, 06:56

May 2022 LEEP Engagement

For the May 2022 LEEP Engagement, AcTinSite uses a survey to gather details about how LEEP members feel about the possible interventions from the Design Charrette and data analysis. The survey will take between 10 and 20 minutes. You will also need some time to review the May 2022 LEEP Guide and an optional brief meeting with a LEEP lead member. In total, we hope that the most time you would spend on this LEEP engagement is an hour.

Your participation in this process is voluntary, and you can stop at any time. You may also ask for your survey to be excluded from the results anytime.

All LEEP members who take part in the May 2022 LEEP engagement will receive a gift card.

Below are the actions for the May 2022 LEEP Engagement

Actions for May 2022 LEEP Engagement

Review the May 2022 LEEP Guide.

Send questions or ask for a brief meeting to review the guide.

Complete AcTinSite’s LEEP Feedback Survey

Information on LEEP

For LEEP engagement, you may do between 2 and 3 hours of work.

  • When engagement takes the form of a meeting, it will last two hours. The other hours would come from review materials before the meeting and possible actions after the meeting.
  • When engagement takes the form of a survey, there is no meeting. Instead, you will review a guiding document that gives details on the topic of the survey.

Members will receive the following email communication from the research team.

  • AcTinSite Newsletter (sent out bi-monthly)
  • LEEP Summary Report
  • Details about next LEEP meeting.

Find out more about what you could do through LEEP

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