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Lived Experience Expert Panel (LEEP)

Date of publication: February 18 2021, 06:56

Fall 2022 to Spring 2023

AcTinSite is moving into the design phase, and we need your help!
We want to ensure that what we design works for students with a variety of lived-experience.
We have three ways you can help us design helpful interventions!

How to take part in AcTinSite’s Design Process

Feedback on Design Solutions.

Help us by letting us know what’s working or not working on the designed interventions. You will be part of a group that will collaborate to figure out the best way to share this feedback.

User Testing

Help test out the interventions! We would ask you to try using the interventions as you would in real life. Then give us details on what did or didn’t work and changes you would like to happen.

Pilot Testing

Want to see how the intervention would work in the real world? Then help with pilot testing. Here you can help guide the pilot and have input on the analysis of the pilot data.

Taking Part!

Once you have figured out how to want to take part, just fill out this google form. A member of the AcTinSite team will be in contact with you in September.

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