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About AcTinSite

AcTinSite is a multi-centred interdisciplinary research study about accessibility and accommodation in work-integrated learning.

The partners on this project are two hospitals, two universities, and a college. Together they collaborating on the AcTinSite research project. AcTinSite aims to build knowledge and skills needed in practitioners and students to make work-integrated learning sites more accessible and accommodations easier to access.

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AcTinSite is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council through an Insight Grant. This funding last for three years, from April 2020 to April 2023.

AcTinSite is a co-creation research project, which means we are working with 

  • student, 
  • people with disabilities, 
  • an organization that works towards accessibility, 
  • faculty,
  • site mentors, and 
  • disability counsellors, 

Make sure we create an online toolbox the everyone’s needs while still being are usable. We are working with these groups in different ways to “create” together. Some joined us for an interview, others will join our expert panel, and more will participate in a design charette.  

Co-creation goes beyond getting individual knowledge. We won’t learn from unique, collective perspectives. We believe this will help take the pressure off students while making faculty and mentors more skilled in making accessible placement sites. 

Everything we’re doing is going to make Canada more inclusive. It means more disabled people, or people with disabilities, get trained and enter the workforce. A diverse workforce helps everyone. 

Educational Institutions:

York Univeristy Logo. York Universite/University with a red square with a U on the right side.
George BrownCollege Logo. Words Groege Brown College on a dark blue background with small squares of different colour along the right side.
University of Toronto Logo. University seal and then the workds University of Toronto

Placement Institutions:

SickKids Logo. SickKids in light and dark blue. The words The Hosptial for Sick Children underneath.
Sunnybrook Logo. Four grren leafs beside thw word Sunnybrook, with the works health centre underneath.