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Unlearning Colonization Policy

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This policy is under review. It will change as it goes through the review process.

Unlearning Colonization Statement

AcTinSite is in what is known as Canada, which is a colonized country. Within this space, there is a history of violence towards the indigenous peoples. We strive to acknowledge this history, work to unlearn colonize our project and support local indigenous movements.

We realize our project is part of colonial organizations. Each of these organizations has a history of colonization that we must contend with. AcTinSite is rooted in systems of policies that continue to harm indigenous people and communities. We strive to fight against these systems of oppression when and where possible.

We know that history and policies create spaces of unequal power between settlers and indigenous people. These spaces allow for harmful actions by individuals. AcTinSite aims to address issues that cause harm from policies to individual actions.

AcTinSite is working to create a reflective research practice. We use this practice to understand the history and context that makes indigenous communities’ oppression in our shared spaces. Reflection also forces us to better understand the agreements we share with indigenous communities. Having a better grasp of these agreements’ responsibilities gives us a base on which we begin to indigenize AcTinSite.

Jargon Defined

Our definitions make complex topics seem simple. We have done this to give the needed context for our policies.

Colonized is when a group of people take over a space that is already lived on. The group that takes over often harms the group they are stealing the space from.

Settlers are people who have come to Canada and are not part of the indigenous community. 

Settler Colonialism defines the relationship between settlers and indigenous people. It states that settlers think they are in charge of a shared space. This belief can lead to acts of genocide and violence.

Unlearning colonization is the work of being aware of the harm caused by settlers taking over Canada and stopping further harms from happening.