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Mandate and Defining Disability

Date of publication: January 21 2022, 04:25


AcTinSite’s mandate to create a more inclusive workforce within Canada. We pursue this aim through a collaborative research project related to improving accessibility in educational placement. AcTinSite is a group of researchers and institutions collaborating to reach the purposes of this project.

AcTinSite does acknowledge, and try to work towards, decolonisation as they work within and for settler-colonial institutions. Decolonisation is part of our reflective process to help us think and work toward decolonisation. 

Our Understanding of Disability

AcTinSite understands disability as a form of political and relational diversity that is framed through physical and social barriers and individual impairment. The project focuses on disability but understands the intersection of disability with other forms of oppression. In particular, AcTinSite considers the effects of gender inequality, racism, and classism on people who pursue education and employment in healthcare.