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Time and labour intensive accommodations process

Navigating the current accommodations process requires a lot of time and effort for both students and placements. 

Action Area #1: Improve the existing process (See above for repeated actions) 

  • Facilitate better communication between stakeholders  
  • Sign posting 
  • Create a simplified decision tree/road map for students 
  • Speed up the grant/bursary process 
  • Improve the disclosure process 
  • Keep documentation on file 
  • Ensure that accommodations remain consistent across institutions 

Action Area #2: Investigate and advocate for alternative processes 

  • Hire disability clinicians to address the burdens of acquiring documentation 
  • Implement an intermediary body 
  • Clarify roles 
  • Communicate between placement sites and accessibility services 
  • Provide better training 
  • Hire disability clinicians 
  • Ensure ethical and consistent practices 
  • Simplify the accommodations process 
  • Arrange accommodations prior to placement 
  • Investigate non-disclosure routes