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Lack of communication, coordination, and transparency of responsibility among institutions involved in WIL

Post-secondary institutions and clinical sites have different priorities and levels of power in their relationship which leads to a lack of communication regarding students’ access needs. 

Justification: Communication is required between post-secondary institutions and clinical sites, but these two parties have different priorities and levels of power in the relationship. Post-secondary institutions need clinical sites to train students, but the clinical sites do not have the same need for the students and they are not responsible for students’ access needs. As a result, post-secondary institutions do not feel like they can ask for very much from the sites, and the sites do not have a lot of motivation to go out of their way to provide accommodations. 

Action Area #1: High labour required of WIL site professionals 

Action Area #2: Difficulties experienced by students in disclosure 

Action Area #3:  

  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration 
  • Bring together different institutions, committees, ministries 
  • Create spaces where students, HEI, and clinical professionals can have judgment-free conversations about disability