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October 2020 Whole Team Meeting

Date of publication: April 12 2021, 05:44

Date: October 13, 2020
Time: 3pm to 5pm EST

The whole team meeting is a gathering of AcTinSite’s research team and the collaborative project partners. The October meeting was the first entire team meeting of this research project.


  1. Welcome & Introduction [20-22 minutes] 
    • Brief introduction to the project 
    • General Full Team members introductions  
  2. Collective agreement – co-creation activity [45 min] 
    • Breakout room activity  
    • Re-group and Recap 
  3. Updates on Project [25 minutes] 
    • “Rainbow Table” tour  
    • Call to Action: Corpus of resources   
    • Discuss upcoming tasks: expert panel and interview study 
    • Call to Action: Recruitment of subjects for the interview study   
  4. Wrap-up & Conclusion  
    • Survey   
    • AcTinSite landing page