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Dr. Iris Epstein, Principal Investigator

Date of publication: February 18 2021, 06:01

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, York University

Dr. Epstein

Dr. Epstein is an assistant professor at School of Nursing, a faculty member of Critical Disability Studies program, and the co-founder of i.r.i.s (Interdisciplinary Research Inclusive Strategies) lab’s program, at York University. The i.r.i.s lab’s program of research is guided by critical social theory and focuses on outcomes emerging from the intersect between health, technology and place. Smartphone video-based and storytelling are used in a mixed method design to understand accessibility and inclusion across diverse health professional’s education and practices. The program includes several projects such as Smartphone Accommodation Resource Toolbox (SmART), an interdisciplinary tool for accommodating teaching and learning practice-based skills, and AcTon and AcTinSite multi-institutional projects which explore the accessibility and inclusions of resources and their meaning in clinical placement for health professional students who identify with disability.